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. . .and that's when I knew the therapist had to die

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November 28th, 2006

-the creepy guy that asked me out
 even though his wife was joint on his account
 (he looks like a cross b/t Hulk Hogan and Mr. T,
 "I pity the fool that married him")

 -the sick customer that felt the need to cough and 
  sneeze on all the money she handed me (whore)

 -shady guy (#1) makes larger cash deposits once 
   a month oddly enough it's mostly ones (can you 
   say PIMP)

 -crazy member (#1) bitches about everyone 
   (I wanna hit her)

 -in the drive thru sometimes the tube is full of 
  cigarette smoke (eeeewwww nasty) 

 -checks with noticeable but unidentifiable 
   stains (kill me now)

 -bitchy whinny sons of bitches who never 
  know their account numbers!!!

 -I don't care if you want $200.00 in ones this is a 
  bank not a strip club!!!

 -I have never met someone that worked so hard at 
  not working in my life
  (Run Brent before I disembowel you . . .  with a 

 -For the love of GOD lady I don't care about you 
  damn kids just take your money and leave! 

 -I love old people. Well just the ones that don't smell 
  like pee. 

 -shady customer (#2) 
  me: I'm sorry but you can't cash a check w/out valid 
customer: I do this all the time
  me: Not here you don't
cust: Yeah I do it all the time. 
  me:  we don't cash checks w/out valid ID, it's policy
cust: I have a visa card
  me: that's nice, does it have you picture on it? cust: uh, no.
  me: then i'm sorry w/out a valid photo id we can no 
         cash this check
cust: but she knows it's me (points to Val)
  me: Val do you know this member
  Val: No.
  me: Okay well thanks have a great day!
cust: Your not going to cash my check?
  me: Sir if you have more questions, they can be 
         answered in members services over their to 
         your right, Can I help whose next?  
cust: why can't I cash my check?
  me: HAVE A GREAT DAY (this means "fuck you you 
         dumb ass")

Today was a bitch! Tomorrow is a whore!

November 24th, 2006

Morning Sales!!!

Rae 1
Hey guys! I have an example of how I am being pushed back to school! The other day I got an e-mail saying that my teacher recommendations haven't been received yet. So I think to my self "I'll handel that next week". I decide to focus on getting the BLACK FRIDAY sales, my cousin and I design a plan of attack and everything so we can get in get out get home, it was - WAL-MART, BEST BUY, KOHL'S, TARGET, BREAKFAST, HOME. We go to our first stop as planned but Best Buy was crazy people waiting in line outside the store so we skip them, go to Kohl's then Target (which was a maybe on the list, we only went for one thing, and though about not going at all until we say the line at Best Buy and knew we had time to kill). That's when destiny intervened (don't laugh) my former assistant principal Mrs. Crosslan (I think I spelled that right) who happens to be one of the people who wrote me a recommendation! She saw me before I say her (I told you! weird huh?) she asked me about my application, I told her they just sent me an email that they didn't receive the recommendations, she said she had saved hers and Mrs Hatcher (former math teacher) had saved hers and they would print them out this time and mail them. 

See what I mean, everything is falling into place. It's kind of freaky. But it makes me feel better about my decisions.

November 23rd, 2006

I'm so ready for this!

Rae 1

As most of you guys know, I had to take a placement test today at ACC, and I don't mean to brag but I have been out of high school for 4  years now, and I got the highest score possible on this test. It was suppose to take 2 hours I finished in 1hr 13mins. Immediately after they got my score they called the department head of Dental Assisting (they don't have a Dental Hygienist course I plan on transferring) to meet with me. He was very impressed and even grilled me a little to make sure that I hadn't been to any other school since high school. He said he couldn't officially say that I was excepted into the program b/c those decisions aren't released until Feb. 07' but he did say that judging by my h/s transcripts and my score that I had a 95% chance of getting a call in Feb. He also gave me his card and said if I don't get a call by the 20th to call him asap. 

Ya know what's weird? None of this feels weird, I don't have any butterflies or anxieties or anything. It just feels right, like it was meant to be. Lately I kind of feel like everything in my life is pushing me if this direction. It makes me wonder is their more to life that the everyday? Are we truly destined to do certain things? Is this why unfavorable circumstances kept me from attending college right after high school?

(no subject)

Rae 1

Thanksgiving wasn't bad. Justin and I had three stops my fam, his fam, and his fam again. I love Justin's cousin Brian, he's vice president of Warren Haye Heating and air, but if you ever met him you'd just think he was an average guy he's always in jeans and a T-shirt, he's so sweet and considerate (especially with women), and he's a lot of fun. He walks in (kind of late) greets Justin then turns to me and says "Hey girl, knock anyone out lately?" I had to laugh, (REM the story I told you guys, that I wouldn't post on LJ) I love Brian, he's so crazy. Justin's fam. is really cool. Which brings me to what I am thankful for; I'm thankful that my family loves Justin, and that his family loves me, and we both feel comfortable with each others family and were not just waiting for the first available retreat at family events. Although I must say it is a little annoying that at evey Holiday event at his mom's house his grandmother gives him the "I love you, but you can't do better than Priscilla, so marry her already" speech. EVERY YEAR! And Justin and I are equally uncomfortable with this speech.

November 13th, 2006

Coke is stalking me!

Rae 1
It's about 6:35 pm. I'm sitting in a Chinese resturaunt wating on a to go order. I take a sip of the coke I just bought and I realize that everything in this room in red. The chairs, the tables, the walls, the "express" lunch bar, even the carpet is red. And then I think why did I order a coke? I'm only going to be here for like 7 mins. i'm not thirsty, why did I order the coke? And then I look at the room again, and their is my answer. Wierd huh?

November 12th, 2006

I went w/Krystle, my little cousin to get tattoos today I got a lizard on my ribs, yes thats right ribs, I wanted it somewhere that I could cover it up with out trying very hard, you can't see it when I wear a tank top so I pretty much have to be in a bathing suit (or naked!) for you to see it it's so pretty! I keep peting it. 

It actually didn't hurt that bad Jonas was very proud of me (the guy that did my tattoo) he was extra hot, which is good b/c it took about an hour and a half to do the whole tattoo, it's about 3 1/2 x 5 in. Lizzy you would have love Jonas, he has a whole shelf of Star wars lego men some very rare ones that he admitted to paying too much for. He remembered me from when I was in high school- when I was about 17 I was a tempoary tattoo shop groupie I loved to hang out their they had a pool table down staris and Izzy and I would go after school and shoot pool w/ hot tattoo artist and take their pictures, it was awesome. During part of it I actually laughed b/c the needle kind of vibrates and I could feel it vibrating my entire chest and I couldn't help but laugh, after words I was a little sore but getting the actual tattoo didn't really hurt. And Jonas hooked me up with a little discount! So that was awesome!

Today I went to see Dr. Granger, for my annual check up. He thinks I'm depressed, and wants to refer me to someone but I wont let him b/c I don't want to be diagnosed as depressed. Right now I'm not diagnosed and that's just as good as not being depressed, besides I'm not like this all the time I'm just busy right now and stressed out and arguing with Justin (cause he's a little bastard sometimes) so right now if I am depressed I have good reason. 

Anyway while I was at the doctor's office they took blood (like 2 vials) and I felt fine, but when I went to check out I was signing a form and I passed out and apparently was unconscious for about 6 minutes. I don't remember passing out I just remember coming to on the floor with like 6 doctors and 8 or 9 nurses around me. They tried to kill me with the ammonia stick, they wouldn't get it out of my face, even after I had come to. The nurse that was helping me check out was crying, she said she had tried to grab me before I fell but she couldn't (she was on the other side of the counter), she said I hit my head on the bench, although my head felt/feels fine but my elbow and my ribs hurt like hell. They kept offering me coke, after I passed out, I'm now convinced that their is something other than caffeine and sugar in coke. Every 2 seconds "have you had a coke, do you want one?" every nurse that walked by "have you drank a coke yet," "can I get you one?" They wouldn't release me until a family member came to get me so I had to call my aunt, they wanted her to take me to the ER but I talked them into the Urgent Care down the street (b/c they can take X-rays their and lets face it they close at 7 so theirs no way I would have been their all night - unlike the so called "emergency room" which might as well be called the "sit and wait until your almost dead and then we'll se you room"). So we go to leave and they tell my aunt to be sure an get me a coke on the way to the Urgent Care (their's something in the coke). When we arrive I get annoyed by this uptight, crabby little doctor who acts as if he's working in the Urgent Care as part of some sort of probation the idiot actually assumed that I was afraid of needles, I told him I wasn't afraid of needles, he asked me if I was sure, I told him no again, then I told him that I was planning on getting a tattoo this weekend and that I could let him know for sure then. He was not amused. He the began to poke and prod my tender ribs and elbow which were already bruising and refused to let me walk anywhere. (Bastard put me in a wheelchair) He had them take chest and elbow x-rays, and urine b/c their was a mark on my back where my kidneys were that was tender and he wanted to see if my kidneys were bruised or passing any blood/blood clots or anything nasty that could indicate problems. And everything came back clean but he still insisted that I not drive for a few days in case I pass out again. The conclusion they offered was that I passed out due to giving blood. 

After that me and my aunt went out for ice cream, I told her about the depression issue and she said that were all depressed about something at one time or another, the ones that get over it and move on don't need the drugs, the ones that go around acting like it's the end of the world are the ones that need the drugs. After that I felt better. My ribs still hurt like hell, but I still felt better.     

October 22nd, 2006

Hey love!

Rae 1
Hello loves! I miss you guys (Rachel, Jules, Putters, Lizzy, Laura, everyone)
When Rachel come home we should all make it top priority to get together somewhere (LINDA'S). I'm sure you will all be glad to know that Kelly was fired yesterday when she returned from vacation. I can't help but pity her, she lives at home w/her parents, has a 1yr. old, and now has been fired from Papa John's - I'm not saying she didn't deserve it, the bitch deserved it. It just makes me realize my life isn't that bad at least I don't have a child to take care of. Okay you guys are going to find out sooner or later so I'll be the first to tell I'm going back to school next fall. I go to take the placement test this Tuesday wish me luck. 

Love your Cilla

October 17th, 2006

So remember how I left off telling you about how I took Krystal to talk to the guy from corporate office right? Well let me fill you guys in on whats happened. Corporate office promised us "BIG changes" and ordered Krystal not to call Papa Johns that he would contact her directly once the incident was resolved. We'll Brian (her manager that told her she was fired) got fired!! Ha! Take that you bastard! (So like how humiliating would it be to get fired by Papa Johns? - I'll be sure to call him later and ask!!) And as for my little friend Kelly -who fortunately (for her) lives with her parents and I refuse to vandalize their property even though their daughter is a stank-bitch; she was so freaked out that she took a weeks vacation in a lame attempt to get out of the line of fire. But everybody knows that you can't get fired when your on vacation so on this bitches first day back I will be their to remind her of what happened to Brian and let her know what's next. (ie MY foot and her ass have a date) >=)

As for Krystal she doesn't want to work at Papa John's anymore. Not that I blame her but were not letting her quit until Kelly is gone. See you got to teach bitches like this a lesson, otherwise they go around disrespecting everybody and were not going to have that. 

October 16th, 2006

I love food!!!!!1

Rae 1
So i'm writing to brag about Justin taking me to the State Fair monday night after work. Krystal made me ride this thing called the Ring of Fire, I seriously thought I was going to die, it kept making really loud "clangs" and "clicks" and once it started going I thought I was going to fly out and get splattered all over the Ferris Wheel (which would be re-named the Cilla Wheel in memory) but I survived. And was comforted by the wonderful fair food, we don't get the fried candy bars of the fried coke (that's right they figured out how to fry coke,as in the soda. Yeah it makes me sad too) we went straight for the corn, foot long hot dogs, fries, funnel cake, mmmmmmmmmm funnel cake, cotton candy, caramel apples w/nuts (I LOVE NUTS), snow cones and corn dogs. I LOVE FOOD!!! 

Justin spent $20.00 trying to win a giant Stewie doll for me I made him stop after spending $20. He was playing that ball in the bucket game where you have to get two balls in a bucket but they're so heavy that when you through them they usually bounce out of the bucket. After $20.00 Justin said to the guy "Look that doll only cost $5.00 so just give it to me and we'll call it even." But he wouldn't give it to him. I told Justin he should go on one side and play one more game and I'll go on the other and grab a doll. They would never miss it, but nooooooo Justin said that would be wrong. But in my opinion setting up a con game at the fair and luring people in with giant Stewie dolls is way worse than what I wanted to do.

He still one me a whole bunch of mardi gras beads. We had lots of fun but next year no rides- I seriously have bruises from that one ride.  
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